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Product Liability

Defective Products & Manufacturing Defects

There are two types of product liability claims. The first is for products that have a design defect. For example, this type of product was correctly assembled at the factory however it was designed and manufactured with a flaw. The second type occurs when the design is correct but there is a flaw in the manufacturing process. This is the scenario where one product in the assembly line has a defect while all of the others are fine.

Since products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the claims can vary widely. Products liability claims can be for virtually any product that a consumer purchases, ranging form toys to industrial machines.

To present a claim of product liability, the victim must prove that the product was defective in some manner and that defect caused injury. Some examples of such instances are: food borne illness caused by the restaurant leaving the food out so that it spoiled or was not cooked thoroughly; improper design of the gas tank of a car causing the car to explode on impact; improper packaging so that the wrong medicine was placed in the prescription due to error; improper assembly of a bicycle by the seller so that the wheel comes off and a child is injured during use; and the failure to place adequate safety devices or grounds on industrial machines in the work place causing injury to the worker.

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