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Accidents that involve large truck are more deadly and injurious than passenger car accidents.

Truck Accidents

In 2013, more than 10.5 million trucks were registered in the US. That same year, 73,000 of these trucks were involved in an accident resulting in an injury. Nearly 4,000 trucks were involved in a vehicle accident resulting in death.

After hitting a 35-year low in 2009, the number and rate of fatal truck accidents has been increasing.

The CDC reported in 2015 that "over one third of long-haul truck drivers had been involved in one or more crashes during their driving career." Crashes are the leading cause of on-the-job death for truck drivers in the US.

Despite the risks to truck drivers, truck accidents are even riskier for the passengers of other cars involved in the crash. In the majority of large truck accidents, it is the occupants of other vehicles who are killed (71%) or injured (72%). Considering the disparity in size, it's not altogether suprising; semi trucks and tractor trailers outweigh the average passenger car by as much as 20 times.

Trucks vs. Cars: Weight

"Large Trucks" are regularly defined as weighing over 10,000 lbs (5 tons). Fully loaded, a large truck may weigh up to 80,000 lbs (40 tons). In sharp contrast, the average car weighs only 4,000 lbs (2 tons).

In comparison to accidents involving only cars, truck accidents are far more likely to result in serious injury or death. In addition to differences in vehicle weight, improperly secured loads can become dangerous projectiles or road hazards.

Injuries & Fatalities in Trucking Accidents

Nationwide, 3,964 people were killed in truck accidents in 2013; another 95,000 were injured. Specifically in Pennsylvania, fatal accidents involving large trucks took the lives of 155 people. If injury rates are similar to those nationwide, an estimated 2700 Pennsylvanians were injured in truck accidents during the same period.

Trucking Accident Attorney

The increasing pressures of tight deadlines and tighter profit margins can lead to driver mistakes such as using excessive speed or falling asleep while driving. Severe injuries including loss of limb, brain damage, or wrongful death can result.

Protect your rights and the rights of others at risk from trucking companies that put profits over the safety of others.

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