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Car accident.More than 1500 people were killed in Pennsylvania car accidents in 2006. Many more were seriously injured.

Not all car accidents require you contact an attorney. Car accidents resulting in injuries, especially serious or permanent, or losses, such as missing wages, are two important factors to consider.

If you have suffered from either, you should strongly consider seeking the advice of an car accident lawyer. We have helped many clients sort through the complicated issues surrounding their accident.

We can help you determine if you should retain counsel with a free consultation.

Full tort or limited tort?

Pennsylvania Auto Law is governed by what is known as the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL). The Pennsylvania Legislature amended the MVFRL in 1990 with the Act 6 Amendments. These changes were implemented to help the consumer by providing choices to the consumer.

In practice however, many consumers are unaware of their rights and inadvertently give them up or elect out of them when buying their insurance. A prime example of this is the consumers right to elect their own tort options. Few consumers are aware that their elections of tort options define what they can recover in the event that they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. As a result, when faced with the options regarding tort coverage consumers often choose the least expensive. This is not the proper choice.

There are two types of tort options available to consumers:

Although Full Tort is the more expensive of the two options, it provides the consumer with far greater protection for a minimal monetary sacrifice. Full Tort provides the consumer with the ability to seek punitive, economic, and non-economic damages. In contrast to this, by electing the Limited Tort option, the consumer waives his or her rights AND the rights of the members of his or her household to recover non-economic damages unless the injury sustained is "serious."

"Serious Injury" is defined as, "a personal injury resulting in death, serious impairment of body function, or permanent serious disfigurement." This is an extremely high threshold to overcome and leaves the consumer with no means of recovery if they fall short of it. Therefore, by simply electing the wrong option you can limited the ability of you and your family to recover in the event that you are in an accident. Inquire as to what tort option you have selected for you and your family today. This information can be found on your Auto Policy Declarations Sheet, if you have elected Limited Tort, change to Full Tort today to protect your family's right to recover.

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